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Battery Recycling

When a battery’s life has been spent, its contents are an environmental hazard if they aren't properly disposed of. Recycling your old and used batteries ensures that they stay soil and ground water stay clean. Which is why BatteryTown accepts and recycles most batteries for free.

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That is why BatteryTown is devoted to the proper disposal and recycling of your old batteries. Conveniently located in Valencia and Costa Mesa, BatteryTown is your Southern California’s recycling battery center. BatteryTown offers free battery recycling on the following chemistry: Li-ion, NiMH, NiCD and Lead Acid. On large quantities of wet cell and automotive batteries, we will purchase the cores from you. Simply drop off your old batteries at one of our store locations.

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Disposal – We will dispose of your old Alkaline and Lithium Primary batteries. There may be a fee for disposal on these types of batteries.

If you have any questions or concerns about recycling your batteries, please contact store for details.

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